Founded on a simple principle...

Waste not.  Want not.  The old adage is more true today than ever before.  We have limited and diminishing resources, yet wastage of resources is extraordinarly high.

Intelligent design and innovative technology can convert unwanted waste into valuable energy and assets.  Instead of being an expensive problem, waste can be transformed nto a valuable asset or resource.   Organic and carbon based wastes, methane emissions and discarded petroleum based products can be utilised as a resource rather than being an expensive and ongoing problem. 

Your waste can be treated in an environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective manner.  Opportunities also exist to utilise heat recovery for increased efficiencies on your site, and wastewater effluent can be used for energy generation. 

Unlike other solution providers, only eGen Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of options which can be mixed, matched and tailored to suit virtually any situation or requirement.